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#include <alproxies/networkinfo.h>
Describes the status of a network service. Many information are available for the service like the state of a service or its signal strength.
  • NetworkInfo
    • NetworkInfo::serviceId
    • NetworkInfo::name
    • NetworkInfo::type
    • NetworkInfo::state
    • NetworkInfo::favorite
    • NetworkInfo::autoconnect
    • NetworkInfo::security
    • NetworkInfo::domains
    • NetworkInfo::nameserver
    • NetworkInfo::ipv4
    • NetworkInfo::ipv6
    • NetworkInfo::strength
    • NetworkInfo::error
    • NetworkInfo::toALValue

std::string NetworkInfo::serviceId()
Returns: the identifier for the network service.

std::string NetworkInfo::name()
Returns the name for the network service, for Ethernet service the name is “Wired”, for WiFi services the name is the SSID name of the network, if the network service is hidden the name is not set.,

Returns: the network name

std::string NetworkInfo::type()
Returns the type of the network this can be:
  • “ethernet” for Ethernet service or Usb networking
  • “wifi” for WiFi service
  • “bluetooth” for Bluetooth service
Returns: the type of the service

std::string NetworkInfo::state()
Returns the state of the service possible values are:
  • “online”: signals that an Internet connection is available and verified
(Only one service can be online at the same time)
  • “ready”: means that the service is successfully connected
  • “configuration”: means that the services is getting is configuration like the IP address
  • “association”: for a WiFi service, represents the association to the services using the security parameter.
  • “idle”: means that no action have been made for this services.
  • “failure”: means that a connection tentative has failed. Use error() method to get the reason.
  • “disconnect”: means that the service is going to terminate the current connection and will return to the “idle” state.
Returns: the state of the service

bool NetworkInfo::favorite()
Will be true if a cable is plugged in or the user selected and successfully connected to this service.

This value is automatically changed and to revert it back to false, the method ALConnectionManagerProxy::forget needs to be used.

Returns: true if the service is marked as favorite false instead

bool NetworkInfo::autoconnect()
If set to true, this service will auto-connect when no other connection is available. This can be be set to false to prevent automatic connection without calling forget() method of ALConnectionManager.

Returns: true if the service is marked as autoconnect false instead

std::vector<std::string> NetworkInfo::security()
For WiFi service type, this method will return a list of security methods or key management settings. For other network type this method will return an empty list.

Possible values are:
  • “none”: the WiFi service has no security
  • “wep”: the WiFi service uses WEP security.
  • “psk”: the WiFi uses WPA or WPA2 personal security.
  • “wps”: the WiFi uses the Wireless Protected Setup, this security is often an alternative for psk. WPS allows connecting to a WPA2 secure Network by pressing an association button or by giving a PIN code.
  • “ieee8021x”: the WiFi service uses a WPA/WPA2 entreprise protection, this security is not supported in the current version of NAOqi.
Returns: the available securities for the network.

std::vector<std::string> NetworkInfo::domains()
Returns the list of currently used search domains. Can also be manual configured domains using ALConnectionManagerProxy::setServiceConfiguration.

Returns: the list of domains for this service

std::vector<std::string> NetworkInfo::nameserver()
Returns the list of currently activated or manually configured domain name servers. The first one have a higher priority.

Returns: the activated or configured name servers

NetworkInfo::IPInfo NetworkInfo::ipv4()
Returns a IPInfo which represents the actual system configuration or the manually configured IP address using ALConnectionManagerProxy::setServiceConfiguration.

Returns: the IPv4 configuration for this service.

NetworkInfo::IPInfo NetworkInfo::ipv6()
Experimental: the IPv6 is not supported in the current version.

Returns a IPInfo for the actual system configuration or the manually configured IP address using ALConnectionManagerProxy::setServiceConfiguration.

Returns: the IPv6 configuration for this service.

int NetworkInfo::strength()
Returns: the signal strength of the services (only available for WiFi).

int NetworkInfo::error()
When an error occurs during connection or disconnection the detailed information is represented in this property.

This property is only valid when the service is in the “failure” state. Otherwise it might be empty.

Returns: the connection error

AL::ALValue NetworkInfo::toALValue()
Converts the NetworkInfo object as an ALValue. ALValue NetworkInfo

Returns: the ALValue representation of the NetworkInfo object.

ALValue NetworkInfo

The ALValue NetworkInfo is an array of n-pair (key, value).

To exchange this object with other modules the NetworkInfo object can be represented as ALValue with the following structure.

"key"value type
“Security”array of string
“Domains”array of string
“Nameserver”array of string
“IPv4”ALValue ALValue IPInfo
“IPv6”ALValue ALValue IPInfo
The empty values will not be present.





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