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Method list

Any ALVisionExtractor inherits methods from ALExtractor API and ALModule API. It also has the following specific methods:

Parameters update
  • ALVisionExtractor::setFrameRate
  • ALVisionExtractor::setResolution
  • ALVisionExtractor::setActiveCamera
  • ALVisionExtractor::pause
  • ALVisionExtractor::getFrameRate
  • ALVisionExtractor::getResolution
  • ALVisionExtractor::getActiveCamera
  • ALVisionExtractor::isPaused
  • ALVisionExtractor::isProcessing
Deprecated methods
  • ALVisionExtractor::setParameter (deprecated)

bool ALVisionExtractor::setFrameRate(const std::string& SubscribedName, const int& framerate)
There are two overloads of this function:
  • ALVisionExtractor::setFrameRate for a subscriber
  • ALVisionExtractor::setFrameRate for all the subscribers.
Sets the extractor frame rate for a chosen subscriber.
Parameters: SubscribedName – Name of the subscriber.
       framerate – New frame rate.
Returns: True if the update succeeded, False otherwise.

bool ALVisionExtractor::setFrameRate(const int& framerate)
Sets the extractor frame rate for all the subscribers.
Parameters: framerate – New frame rate.
Returns: True if the update succeeded, False otherwise.

bool ALVisionExtractor::setResolution(const int& resolution)
Sets the image resolution for the extractor.
Parameters: resolution – New resolution (see Supported resolutions).
Returns: True if the update succeeded, False otherwise.

bool ALVisionExtractor::setActiveCamera(const int& cameraId)
Sets the active camera for the extractor.
Parameters: cameraId – ID of the camera (see Camera Indexes).
Returns: True if the update successded, False otherwise.

void ALVisionExtractor::pause(const bool& paused)
Pauses or unpauses the extractor.
Parameters: paused – True to pause the extractor, False to unpause it.

int ALVisionExtractor::getFrameRate()
Gets the current frame rate of the extractor.
Returns: Frame rate of the fastest subscriber.

int ALVisionExtractor::getResolution()
Gets the current image resolution.
Returns: Image resolution of the extractor.

int ALVisionExtractor::getActiveCamera()
Gets the current active camera used by the extractor.
Returns: Camera ID.

bool ALVisionExtractor::isPaused()
Gets the pause status of the extractor.
Returns: True if the extractor is pause, False otherwise.

bool ALVisionExtractor::isProcessing()
Gets the status of the extractor. An extractor is processing as long as it has at least one subscriber, regardless of its pause status.
Returns: True if the extractor is running, False otherwise.

void ALVisionExtractor::setParameter(const std::string& paramName, const AL::ALValue& paramValue)
Deprecated since version 1.20: use ALVisionExtractor::setResolution and ALVisionExtractor::pause instead.

Updates the value of a parameter of the extractor.
Parameters: paramName – Name of the parameter (“resolution” or “pause”).
       paramValue – New value of the parameter.





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