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Namespace: AL
#include <alproxies/alnotificationmanagerproxy.h>
ALMotion provides methods that help make the robot move. It contains commands allowing you to manipulate joint stiffness, joint angles, and a higher level API allowing you to control the walk.

Method Group list

As any module, this module inherits methods from ALModule API. It also has the following specific methods:

class ALMotionProxy

Stiffness control API?

Joint control API?
Locomotion control API?
Deprecated Methods
Cartesian control API?
Depecated Methods
Whole Body control API?
Self-collision avoidance API?
External-collision avoidance API?
Fall manager API?
Smart Stiffness API?
Diagnosis effect API?
Push Recovery API?
Idle API?
General tools API?
Deprecated Methods?
Motion task API?
Deprecated Methods?





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