Pepper やNaoで使用されているNaoqi OSのメモです。

So you wan to take the control of your Aldebaran robot?
1.Make sure your Aldebaran robot is ready.
“Ready to use” means:
・unpacked and turned ON,
・with its battery charged and its network settings configured.
If it is not the case, read first:
・NAO - Out of the box, or
・Configuring Pepper for the first time.
2.Download & install your favourite programming tool.
For further details, see:
・Downloading & Installing Aldebaran Software
3.Make your first steps ... Read and try these Hello world tutorials:
・Hello World!
 ・1 - Choregraphe
 ・2 - Python in Choregraphe
 ・3 - Dialog in Choregraphe
 ・4 - Python





NAOqi - Developer guide

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Programming for a living robot?

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