Pepper やNaoで使用されているNaoqi OSのメモです。

Naoqi Core
Use ...To ...
ALBehaviorManagerStart and stop behaviors
ALConnectionManagerManage connection to a network and its configuration
ALDiagnosisGet actual state of the last active or passive diagnostic performed
ALExpressionWatcherCombine memory events into expression to generate more complexe events
ALKnowledgeManage a persistent set of triplets(ontology)
ALMemoryGet and insert data for every other module to use
ALModuleCreate your own modules
ALMoodManage the emotional state of active users
ALNotificationManagerManage notifications
ALPreferenceManagerRead and save robot settings
ALResourceManagerHandle resources
ALSystemManage the robot system
ALUserInfoManage persistent data about the users
ALUserSessionManages the state of active users, and the bindings to their data
ALTabletServiceLoad web application, play videos, and manage the tablet itself
ALWorldRepresentationStore long term data about detected objects in a spatially structured database
PackageManagerManage packages: installation, uninstallation
ServiceManager APIManage services: start, stop, state
ALLauncherLoads dynamic libraries inside NAOqi process and runs executables
ALLoggerLogs information on the robot from a remote machine
ALPreferencesRead and save settings from configuration files
ALStoreRetrieve applications from the Apps 2.1 Store or the Store





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