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#include <alproxies/networkinfo.h>
Describes the status of a network service. Many information are available for the service like the state of a service or its signal strength.

std::string NetworkInfo::serviceId()
Returns: the identifier for the network service.

std::string NetworkInfo::name()
Returns the name for the network service, for Ethernet service the name is °»Wired°…, for WiFi services the name is the SSID name of the network, if the network service is hidden the name is not set.,

Returns: the network name

std::string NetworkInfo::type()
Returns the type of the network this can be:
Returns: the type of the service

std::string NetworkInfo::state()
Returns the state of the service possible values are:
(Only one service can be online at the same time) Returns: the state of the service

bool NetworkInfo::favorite()
Will be true if a cable is plugged in or the user selected and successfully connected to this service.

This value is automatically changed and to revert it back to false, the method ALConnectionManagerProxy::forget needs to be used.

Returns: true if the service is marked as favorite false instead

bool NetworkInfo::autoconnect()
If set to true, this service will auto-connect when no other connection is available. This can be be set to false to prevent automatic connection without calling forget() method of ALConnectionManager.

Returns: true if the service is marked as autoconnect false instead

std::vector<std::string> NetworkInfo::security()
For WiFi service type, this method will return a list of security methods or key management settings. For other network type this method will return an empty list.

Possible values are:
Returns: the available securities for the network.

std::vector<std::string> NetworkInfo::domains()
Returns the list of currently used search domains. Can also be manual configured domains using ALConnectionManagerProxy::setServiceConfiguration.

Returns: the list of domains for this service

std::vector<std::string> NetworkInfo::nameserver()
Returns the list of currently activated or manually configured domain name servers. The first one have a higher priority.

Returns: the activated or configured name servers

NetworkInfo::IPInfo NetworkInfo::ipv4()
Returns a IPInfo which represents the actual system configuration or the manually configured IP address using ALConnectionManagerProxy::setServiceConfiguration.

Returns: the IPv4 configuration for this service.

NetworkInfo::IPInfo NetworkInfo::ipv6()
Experimental: the IPv6 is not supported in the current version.

Returns a IPInfo for the actual system configuration or the manually configured IP address using ALConnectionManagerProxy::setServiceConfiguration.

Returns: the IPv6 configuration for this service.

int NetworkInfo::strength()
Returns: the signal strength of the services (only available for WiFi).

int NetworkInfo::error()
When an error occurs during connection or disconnection the detailed information is represented in this property.

This property is only valid when the service is in the °»failure°… state. Otherwise it might be empty.

Returns: the connection error

AL::ALValue NetworkInfo::toALValue()
Converts the NetworkInfo object as an ALValue. ALValue NetworkInfo

Returns: the ALValue representation of the NetworkInfo object.

ALValue NetworkInfo

The ALValue NetworkInfo is an array of n-pair (key, value).

To exchange this object with other modules the NetworkInfo object can be represented as ALValue with the following structure.

"key"value type
°»Security°…array of string
°»Domains°…array of string
°»Nameserver°…array of string
°»IPv4°…ALValue ALValue IPInfo
°»IPv6°…ALValue ALValue IPInfo
The empty values will not be present.