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Method list

class ExpressionObject
  • Methods for ExpressionObject:
    • ExpressionObject::getValue
    • ExpressionObject::getExpression
    • ExpressionObject::getReportMode

Signal list

  • ExpressionObject::signal


AL::ALValue ExpressionObject::getValue()
Ask ALExpressionWatcher to evaluate the expression and return its current value.
Returns: ExpressionObject expression value.

std::string ExpressionObject::getExpression()
Gets condition expression.
Returns: ExpressionObject expression condition.

int ExpressionObject::getReportMode()
Gets Report Mode. For further details see: report modes.
Returns: ExpressionObject report mode, available modes: { REPORT_CHANGE = 0, REPORT_EDGE = 1, REPORT_EDGE_TRUE = 2 }


Signals are part of the qimessaging framework, see qimessaging-python.

ExpressionObject::signal(AL::ALValue expressionValue)
Triggered: When expression is valid.
Parameters: expressionValue – Value of the expression.